Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Samurai Theme Song/Opening

The opening theme song to the PR Samurai season is finally here! Thanks to Saban, it sounds so much like the Mighty Morphin theme, an updated metal rock version of it. Rangers together, samurai forever!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai - Bulk RETURNS!!

There has been many rumors floating around when Saban Brands announced that it would have "Surprise Castings" for the upcoming Samurai season. Some sources have led fans to believe that Paul Schrier and Ricardo Medina Jr. are going to return to Power Rangers once again. We recently discovered from Saban's announcements that Paul is reprising his comedic role as Bulk from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! He is the last original cast member to leave the original season and is the 3rd MMPR member to reprise his role. The 1st was Jason David Frank, who reprised his role as the legendary Tommy Oliver in the Dino Thunder season, and the 2nd was Johnny Yong Bosch, who reprised his role as Adam Park for the 15th anniversary special in the Operation Overdrive season. Although Bulk won't be part of the main Samurai cast, he will be a recurring character who spends his time teaching his nephew Spike. Who is Spike anyways? Well, he is none other than the son of Bulk's best friend Skull!! They do look extremely alike. Many fans wonder is Kimberly Hart is the mother of Skull's son, but that would mean that Skull had to have gotten the girl pregnant in high school. We all know Kim is smarter than that right? Maybe it's not her after all. As far as the rumors go for Ricardo Medina Jr., the actor who played Red Ranger Cole Evans in PR Wild Force, we don't know if he's been casted for sure. Even is he was casted, would he reprise his role or play as a new character? This just gets more interesting because we all want to see how Saban makes Ricardo's character look different than when he was on Wild Force. Anyways, be sure to take a look at these previews of the one and only "Bulk," Bulkmeier!