Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Do Power Rangers Dress According to Their Color?

This question is asked a lot by fans. Why do power rangers usually dress according to their colors?

The answer is simple. Most likely, it is to help kids identify who is which ranger. After all, "Power Rangers" is primarily a children's show even though there are older fans who still watch it. You may argue that kids are smart enough to figure out who is who for themselves, but not everyone is like that. Some people are slower than others, so the colors are very helpful.

In the real world, if heroes want to keep their identities a secret, they should not be wearing their superhero colors in their daily life. That brings me to a second reason why rangers wear their colors. Except for teams like Lightspeed Rescue (who show their identities to the public), it does not make sense right? Well, it's just a cool aspect of the show. You may or may not like it, but for some of us fans, it looks nice to see the rangers wearing civilian clothes matching their ranger colors. Sure, it's not realistic for the story...but it's a tradition. For me, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder had the best wardrobes. Whoever was in charge of that had a really good sense of fashion.

There have been some instances in which the rangers wear totally different colored clothing that features only a small hint of their ranger color. Take a look at this photo from the 15th anniversary special team-up "Once a Ranger" from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. The only yellow that Kira Ford (Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger) has on her are her belt, bracelet, and morpher. 

It's great to see them stepping a little bit away from the tradition every now and then, but not completely. As long as the ranger color is somewhere on the actors, whether it be their entire clothes or on a single bracelet, I think it would be fine. I love it when they represent their ranger colors!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ciara Hanna and Jason Smith Dating?! - Yellow Megaforce Meets Red Jungle Fury

These photos have surfaced the internet some time ago in 2013 and got fans surprised for many reasons:
  1. Casey the Red Jungle Fury Ranger is back for Super Megaforce!
  2. It seems as though Ciara Hanna and Jason Smith are dating. They do look like they are a couple, especially when they're staring into each other's eyes in the first picture. The two have also tweeted each other in a teasing manner as well.
  3. Even if they are not dating, then maybe their characters are romantically linked and now the actors have become close friends. Will Casey be Gia's love interest?
It is now 2014 and we are not exactly sure if these two are still or ever were dating, but here are the photos below. Special thanks to those who took them and posted them!

(from Morphin Legacy, March 19, 2013)
(from Tokunation, July 21, 2013)
(from Tokunation, July 21, 2013)
(from Nakeshaclark)

Friday, February 14, 2014

NEW 'Power Rangers Dino Charge' Coming in 2015 - Early Announcement

USA Today reported on February 8, 2014 that Saban Brands has announced that Power Rangers Dino Charge will be released in 2015. The marketing poster can be seen below:

The timing of this news is unusual as Power Rangers Super Megaforce has not even premiered yet. In the past, new seasons of Power Rangers would be announced after or near the end of the current season. Whether or not the early news is a good idea, it's a risk that Saban Brands is taking as part of its marketing strategy. A lot of children are likely to be excited about a dinosaur-themed season. After all, dinosaurs are one of the most interesting creatures that kids think are cool and they love to play with dinosaur toys.

Now that I think about it, this could probably work. By getting people hyped up about Dino Charge, fans will crave it impatiently and then satisfy their urge by watching Super Megaforce in the meantime as they wait for 2015. Not to mention, stores could be stocking their shelves with Dino Charge toys in the Winter as they usually do with new Power Rangers toys. By then, kids will be going crazy for new ranger toys and parents will know what to buy for Christmas, especially when they are informed ahead of time about Dino Charge news.

The first season, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, used the dinosaur theme which could very well be one of the most significant factors that catapulted the franchise to popularity as one of the biggest hit children's TV shows of all time. The most recent use of dinosaurs was in Disney's Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2004 which delved into the theme much more with the rangers finding dino eggs, using dino gems as a source of power, riding on dinos during combat, and even going on field trips to learn about dinosaurs. Jason David Frank (who played Tommy Oliver from Mighty Morphin, Zeo, and Turbo) also returned as the rangers' mentor and high school science teacher for the season.

Titanium Ranger Not Returning for Power Rangers Super Megaforce?

On May 4, 2013, Rhett Fisher announced on his Twitter page that he was invited to do a cameo for Power Rangers, but was later uninvited the next week due to budget reasons. Another former ranger actor, Blake Foster (Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger) was also uninvited for the same reason. This is not only a major letdown for fans, but a huge embarrassment on Saban Brands' part. Rumor has it that the company sent out several invites, picked a certain amount of actors who accepted, and rejected the rest. The company's financial planners should have carefully figured out the budget so that they know how many people to invite at a time. This way, they don't over-invite so many and then end up having to reject because they find out they don't have enough finances to bring them on board the show. The process needs to be done in proper increments.
Even though the Titanium Ranger has appeared in behind-the-scenes production photos of Super Megaforce, I don't think he will be shown very much. The stunt person inside the costume is wearing the wrong helmet. It was used in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue for when the rangers supposedly slide their visors down so they can see through the helmet better. Basically, two helmets are used for this trick: one with the visor on, the other without one. Special effects are added to create the transition animation of the visor sliding down. This was also done in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

If you examine the behind-the-scenes photo closely, you can see that the visor-less helmet does not show the stunt person's face. Fans speculate that some dark plastic was used to hide it, but we can still see the built-in mouthpiece. Some new photos of Super Megaforce have recently been released and the Titanium Ranger is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps the production crew finally decided to take him out of the show due to the helmet situation. He would be the only ranger who looks out of place. Tommy Oliver's green ranger helmet design is slightly off with the silver streaks on top, but isn't a severe issue. That green helmet and suit was probably the same one that was used in the "Fighting Spirit" episode of Dino Thunder in which Tommy fought 3 of his past ranger forms.

It would be disappointing for Titanium fans to not get to see him again, but it would also be irritating if his appearance is not accurate. Let's face it, that modified helmet is weird. The original one is lost or damaged somewhere. I can imagine the showrunners arriving at their final decision, "If we're not going to do it right, then don't do it at all." I don't know about you ranger fans out there, but I certainly wouldn't like to see a sub-par version of the awesome Titanium Ranger!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - How Will Tommy Oliver’s Return Be Explained?

In May 2013, Jason David Frank confirmed on his official Facebook page and through various sources that he would be returning for a special guest appearance to Saban Brands’ Power Rangers in its 21st season, Power Rangers Super Megaforce, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Well known for portraying the legendary and probably the most popular character in all of Power Rangers history, he expressed much excitement to his fans when he broke the news. Behind-the-scenes production photos were posted on Facebook which showed him wearing the iconic Mighty Morphin Green Ranger suit with the helmet off. Several other past ranger actors were shown alongside him in some photos. Tommy Oliver is indeed back!

I do wonder how he and some of the former rangers will be getting their powers back. Will there be an explicit and proper explanation? Or are they just going to show up and morph without explaining anything? If there isn’t an explanation, then fans can make up their own theories. After all, anything is possible unless it is directly stated or proved otherwise onscreen. Maybe the writers will do something simple and give us a similar explanation like the one in the 15th anniversary team-up (in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive) in which the Sentinel Knight character said he restored the veteran rangers’ powers.

Since Tommy has served as five different rangers (green, white, twice as red, and black) in the course of ranger history, I also wonder how that will play in to Super Megaforce. There were previews that were released which showed a huge legendary war featuring all Power Rangers and other unknown ones due to the footage being originally produced by the Japanese for their Gokaiger show. Maybe Tommy will only fight as the green ranger while his other forms will be spirits that he calls upon for the war.

I really hope that Tommy’s most recent appearance will be acknowledged during his return. He was previously seen in Disney’s Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2004 where he was a high school science teacher known as Dr. O with a doctorate degree in Paleontology. It would be nice if the current writers pick up where the Disney writers left off. At least mention it a bit so we know whether he is still a teacher or has switched careers since then. What has good ol’ Tommy been up to these days?

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - 1st Episode Released Early on Nickelodeon Website

On February 7, 2014, the official Power Rangers Facebook page posted a photo of several rangers standing together and stated that they will release the first episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce before the actual premiere date if the photo receives 2,100 likes by Saturday evening.

Here is the moment that many of you have been waiting for. Watch the first FULL EPISODE while it is still available now!