Monday, July 25, 2011

Christopher Khayman Lee - NEW LOOK 2006

Hey everyone! I was just surfing around on the RangerCrew forums and I stumbled across a picture of Christopher Khayman Lee that someone posted. Yep, that's right. He played Andros the Red Space Ranger in Power Rangers in Space and this is what he probably looks like nowadays. I did some research and found out that the photo is from the set of an independent film production called "Miles From Home" with Chris being the assistant producer. The film won Awards at the 2006 Independent Black Film Festival. Don't know if he still has the long hair now, but you can see his ponytail in another photo on their Myspace page. I didn't recognize him at first until I read people's thread posts. He has gotten bigger since we last saw him on Forever Red. I noticed he gained a few pounds when watching the episode back then, but now he's put on a lot more weight. There are people on the forum site stating rumors such as Christopher being a fanatic who is addicted to X-men video games and that he really believes he is the reincarnation of some vampire. I'd love to see him make an appearance along with his other Space ranger co-stars at a convention one of these days! We need to give him some motivation to get back into acting. Maybe he could possibly return to Power Rangers in the future either as Andros for guest appearances or a new character similar to Ricardo Medina Jr. returning to play the evil Deker instead of Cole Evans the Red Wild Force Ranger.

Top Left Photo Courtesy of ForeverRanger

Power Rangers Samurai Comic-Con Panel Video 2011

The Official Saban's Power Rangers Youtube channel finally posted a 30-minute video of the Samurai cast panel at the 2011 Comic Con San Diego! Paul Schrier (Bulk) hosted a one-on-one interview with the rangers and then a Q&A from the fans. There were a lot of interesting questions and it's so nice to see Hector David Jr. (Mike/Green Ranger) act so outgoing and connecting with the fans with his PR knowledge. It really shows how fun it is to be part of such a huge franchise and that it is possible for a fan to work their way to become a Power Ranger like Hector has done. Now, here is the video. Enjoy! Samuraizer! Go Go Samurai!

Questions in the video:
- Tell us how you feel about yourself & your place in the Power Rangers casting? (1:19)
- Did you watch any of the shows before yours? (3:30)
- Can each of you tell us about a nostalgic memory you have of watching the original PR? (4:59)
- Do you guys see yourself hopefully making a PR movie? Bulk as a ranger in future? (7:07)
- We only saw a little bit of Bulk & Spike interacting with the cast in 1st season. Why? (9:07)
- Bulk, what do you like about Samurai & what don't you like as your character? (9:49)
- How do you guys feel about the series compared to the original Shinkenger? (12:00)
- How do you feel about being on Nickelodeon? (4:20)
- Have you watched any of the other Super Sentai series besides Shinkenger? (15:17)
- Where would I look for casting calls for Power Rangers? (17:42)
- Is there any chance of the white ranger (Tommy) appearing in the show? (19:28)
- What does Alex (Jayden) think of teaming up with 20 red rangers, 2nd Forever Red? (20:19)
- Since you guys have been cast, have you guys been wearing your colors more often? (21:05)
- Girl rangers, how do you feel about being role models for little girls growing up? (23:39)
- Are the Disney era seasons in continuity with Samurai? (24:41)
- Will there be an episode where all the rangers from every season come together? (25:38)
- Which of you (cast members) is the serious one, the funny one/prankster in real life? (26:15)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai at San Diego Comic-Con International 2011!

The newest team of Power Rangers from the new Saban Brands make their appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con convention! The cast of the current Samurai season will be featured in their own Q&A panel called "The Origins of Samurai Power Rangers" on Saturday, July 23 at 7:30 pm, says a source from There will also be an exclusive sneak peak of a brand new Never-Before-Seen episode which will be moderated by Paul Schrier, the actor who played Farkas “Bulk” Bulkmeier from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Lost Galaxy and recently returned to play the same character in Samurai.

Photo Courtesy of Henshin Vault

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Omnicon 2011 - Johnny Yong Bosch & Jason David Frank Q&A Panel

Former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Johnny Bosch (who played Adam Park) and Jason Frank (who played Tommy Oliver) answer questions at the McAllen Convention Center for Omnicon 2011. The following videos were filmed at the convention by . I will include special notes for each one. Enjoy!

Part 1: 
- Introductions, Once a Ranger (6:42), Forever Red (6:57), JDF's Favorite Scene (7:18

Part 2:
- Silliest moments while working on PR (0:03), Injuries from double flips (3:57), Skydiving (6:34), Working on Dino Thunder with younger generation (8:05)

Part 3:
- Does JYB hate frogs? (0:34), Pranks (1:00), Stunt doubles in suits? (1:40), JDF's favorite ranger color (2:41), Bleach & Hollow Ichigo laugh (3:23), Strikeforce (4:59), JDF says "It's Morphin Time!" (5:57), Will JDF do Anime voice work? (6:50)
Part 4:

Part 5: