Friday, September 3, 2010

David Yost Reveals Why He Left Power Rangers Zeo

David Yost is the actor who played Billy, the Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger. His role was eventually reduced to a non-ranger one due to the Billy character becoming the Power Rangers' technical advisor, working closely with Alpha and Zordon in the Power Chamber.  

As a result of this, it has been rumored for a long time that he left Power Rangers Zeo because he was disatisfied with his lowered salary. Well, it has now been proven wrong as Yost explains in an interview with "No Pink Spandex," a Power Rangers News Coverage group. (See video below)

The real reason why David left the show was because he was called "faggot" too many times. The word was directed at him by co-workers, producers, writers, & directors because of his homosexuality. His co-stars were even called into different producers' offices where they were asked about his sexuality. Thus, it became hard on him to work in that type of environment and at the same time, he was struggling with himself over who he is as a person. He kept being made fun of and also got food thrown at him at times. David stated that he felt as if people were sending a him a message that, a gay person like him shouldn't be an actor and cannot be a superhero.  Finally, he made a decision that if someone name-called him one more time, he would leave. Unfortunately, it did happen and so he walked off the Power Rangers set one day, also fearing that he might take his own life in a suicide. Following this, David tried to figure things out and where his life was going. Who knew that such a terrible thing happened behind the scenes of the #1 kids' show of all time? It was for the best that Mr. Yost left because no one deserves to be treated like that. 

As for the Billy character, producers had to make up a story to write him off the show. In the episodes, "Rangers Of Two Worlds, Part I & 2", Billy is accidentally aged into an old man (played by another actor). After the Aquitians help him in the Land of Aquitar, Billy decides to stay there instead of returning to Earth as he has found his love. We will all miss you Billy. Everyone will always remember you as the 1st Blue Power Ranger!

After several years of remaining offscreen and working behind the scenes in other projects, people can finally see David Yost return onscreen in the 2010 film "Degenerate." Although it looks like an old movie, it is unsure whether it really is or not. It is possible that the footage may have been untouched for a long time and finally completed editing this year.