Monday, July 25, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Comic-Con Panel Video 2011

The Official Saban's Power Rangers Youtube channel finally posted a 30-minute video of the Samurai cast panel at the 2011 Comic Con San Diego! Paul Schrier (Bulk) hosted a one-on-one interview with the rangers and then a Q&A from the fans. There were a lot of interesting questions and it's so nice to see Hector David Jr. (Mike/Green Ranger) act so outgoing and connecting with the fans with his PR knowledge. It really shows how fun it is to be part of such a huge franchise and that it is possible for a fan to work their way to become a Power Ranger like Hector has done. Now, here is the video. Enjoy! Samuraizer! Go Go Samurai!

Questions in the video:
- Tell us how you feel about yourself & your place in the Power Rangers casting? (1:19)
- Did you watch any of the shows before yours? (3:30)
- Can each of you tell us about a nostalgic memory you have of watching the original PR? (4:59)
- Do you guys see yourself hopefully making a PR movie? Bulk as a ranger in future? (7:07)
- We only saw a little bit of Bulk & Spike interacting with the cast in 1st season. Why? (9:07)
- Bulk, what do you like about Samurai & what don't you like as your character? (9:49)
- How do you guys feel about the series compared to the original Shinkenger? (12:00)
- How do you feel about being on Nickelodeon? (4:20)
- Have you watched any of the other Super Sentai series besides Shinkenger? (15:17)
- Where would I look for casting calls for Power Rangers? (17:42)
- Is there any chance of the white ranger (Tommy) appearing in the show? (19:28)
- What does Alex (Jayden) think of teaming up with 20 red rangers, 2nd Forever Red? (20:19)
- Since you guys have been cast, have you guys been wearing your colors more often? (21:05)
- Girl rangers, how do you feel about being role models for little girls growing up? (23:39)
- Are the Disney era seasons in continuity with Samurai? (24:41)
- Will there be an episode where all the rangers from every season come together? (25:38)
- Which of you (cast members) is the serious one, the funny one/prankster in real life? (26:15)

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