Sunday, April 27, 2014

Johnny Yong Bosch Talks About Experience With Homeless Woman - Anime Central 2012

Here is a video of Johnny Yong Bosch (2nd Mighty Morphin Black Ranger) telling a hilarious true story at the Anime Central 2012 convention about his experience interacting with a homeless woman.

Bosch says that whenever he leaves from work, he takes the same freeway and after exiting a long offramp, he usually sees a homeless man standing at the corner of the traffic lights. He typically ignores them and drives away.

One day, Johnny is driving home from work, gets to the same place, stops at the red light, and is munching on carrots in a Ziploc bag that he had leftover from lunch. Behind him, a big monster truck with tinted windows pulls up. Johnny gets scared and starts eating his carrots fast because there might be some angry person driving the truck. He's thinking, "As soon as that light changes green, I better get out of here because he's gonna kill me!"

Looking over to his side, there is a homeless woman standing there this time instead of a homeless man. His heart went out to her and he felt like giving her something. He grabbed about 2 pounds of quarters from his cupholders and put them into the plastic Ziploc bag. That's right, 2 pounds. He has a lot of change because there are parking fees that he has to pay in Los Angeles.

He then rolls down the windows and suddenly, the light changes green and the other cars take off quickly. He panics and doesn't know how to give the homeless woman the money quickly without her grabbing him out of the car and before the monster truck driver gets mad and runs him over.

After thinking for a second, he finally decided to flick the bag of money into the lady's hands and get out of there. Unfortunately, he accidentally threw the money smack into the lady's face. The traumatic scene felt like it was happening in slow motion to Johnny. The bag ripped open with quarters falling everywhere. As he is driving away, he looks back and was like, "Noooo! Why?! I was doing such a good thing!"

Ever since that incident, he never saw a homeless person there ever again. The homeless people must have heard about it and decided to avoid the place in fear of going through the same experience.

There is a lesson to all of this, Johnny says, and that is "Don't give money to homeless people while driving!"

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