Friday, August 19, 2011

Saban Registers PowerRider.Org

Photo Courtesy of GoseiYellow from RangerCrew
News has broken that Saban Entertainment recently registered the domain "PowerRider.Org", but there is currently no working link to the site as it is could be under construction at the moment. Our sources come from Liam of the Henshin Justice Unlimited forums. To those who are wondering why Saban didn't register "PowerRider.Com", this domain is already taken. Hence, the alternative .org instead. The acronym "org" is to define sites for organizations (usually non-profit) while "com" is for commercial organizations/companies. However, Saban Brands/Entertainment is all about money and so is his company, so I won't be surprised if they eventually switch to ".com" when that domain becomes available. As for the current ".org", I don't think Mr. Haim Saban would get in trouble for using the .org. It's probably just a name extension that mostly identifies with non-profit organizations, but doesn't necessarily have to be restricted to them. Profit organizations can use it too, but it's more preferable to use .com since that name mostly identifies with profit companies. 

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