Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saban's POWER RIDER - The Next Kamen Rider Adaptation?

It has been announced that Saban Brands filed a trademark for the name, "Power Rider." The request document can be found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. Shout out to username Poweranimals from Rangerboard and Rangercrew for sharing the news and link.

Many PR fans believe that this could be a working title for the next Kamen Rider adaptation due to the word "rider." Others predict that Haim Saban might actually go with the "Power Rider" name and adapt Kamen Rider Decade since the character appeared in the Shinkenger/Decade crossover footage that was obtained for PR Samurai from Toei. This nicely sets things up for Power Rangers Samurai to introduce Decade to the audience and give him a spin-off show just like what happened with the Masked Rider/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crossover years ago in the 90's. It would be Saban's 2nd time adapting Kamen Rider and would be the 3rd adaptation overall in America. The 2nd and most recent one was Kamen Rider Dragon Knight from Adness Entertainment and the first was Saban's Masked Rider, of course.

Given that Masked Rider and Dragon Knight were commercial failures (although KRDK was a success in Japan), I will give Power Rider a chance...that is, if Saban really is making an adaptation. 3rd time's a charm right? I would think that people would learn from the past Kamen Rider adaptation mistakes by now and hopefully make the show successful this time around. However, if this new trademark name has nothing to do with Kamen Rider, maybe it's just a name for the Samurai Rangers' bikes as some fans think. Get it? Power Rider....Power Rangers riding on motorcycles called Power Riders!

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  1. I think this can work. If Saban does Decade for a crossover with PR Samurai, it could introduce/reintroduce the previous riders of the Heisei era