Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ciara Hanna and Jason Smith Dating?! - Yellow Megaforce Meets Red Jungle Fury

These photos have surfaced the internet some time ago in 2013 and got fans surprised for many reasons:
  1. Casey the Red Jungle Fury Ranger is back for Super Megaforce!
  2. It seems as though Ciara Hanna and Jason Smith are dating. They do look like they are a couple, especially when they're staring into each other's eyes in the first picture. The two have also tweeted each other in a teasing manner as well.
  3. Even if they are not dating, then maybe their characters are romantically linked and now the actors have become close friends. Will Casey be Gia's love interest?
It is now 2014 and we are not exactly sure if these two are still or ever were dating, but here are the photos below. Special thanks to those who took them and posted them!

(from Morphin Legacy, March 19, 2013)
(from Tokunation, July 21, 2013)
(from Tokunation, July 21, 2013)
(from Nakeshaclark)

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