Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - How Will Tommy Oliver’s Return Be Explained?

In May 2013, Jason David Frank confirmed on his official Facebook page and through various sources that he would be returning for a special guest appearance to Saban Brands’ Power Rangers in its 21st season, Power Rangers Super Megaforce, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Well known for portraying the legendary and probably the most popular character in all of Power Rangers history, he expressed much excitement to his fans when he broke the news. Behind-the-scenes production photos were posted on Facebook which showed him wearing the iconic Mighty Morphin Green Ranger suit with the helmet off. Several other past ranger actors were shown alongside him in some photos. Tommy Oliver is indeed back!

I do wonder how he and some of the former rangers will be getting their powers back. Will there be an explicit and proper explanation? Or are they just going to show up and morph without explaining anything? If there isn’t an explanation, then fans can make up their own theories. After all, anything is possible unless it is directly stated or proved otherwise onscreen. Maybe the writers will do something simple and give us a similar explanation like the one in the 15th anniversary team-up (in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive) in which the Sentinel Knight character said he restored the veteran rangers’ powers.

Since Tommy has served as five different rangers (green, white, twice as red, and black) in the course of ranger history, I also wonder how that will play in to Super Megaforce. There were previews that were released which showed a huge legendary war featuring all Power Rangers and other unknown ones due to the footage being originally produced by the Japanese for their Gokaiger show. Maybe Tommy will only fight as the green ranger while his other forms will be spirits that he calls upon for the war.

I really hope that Tommy’s most recent appearance will be acknowledged during his return. He was previously seen in Disney’s Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2004 where he was a high school science teacher known as Dr. O with a doctorate degree in Paleontology. It would be nice if the current writers pick up where the Disney writers left off. At least mention it a bit so we know whether he is still a teacher or has switched careers since then. What has good ol’ Tommy been up to these days?

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